Installation Instructions

 Installation instructions

  1. Unpack the wheel from the box.
  2. Before you install the wheel in your cage, check the wheel for alignment. If the wheel appears to wobble it may have been knocked out of alignment during shipping. Follow the instructions below to re-align your wheel.
  3. To install the wheel in your cage, first remove the black bolt and fender washer from the bracket.
  4. Carefully insert the wheel into the cage.
  5. Insert the two top bracket hanging tabs through the cage wire at the desired mounting location.
  6. Attach the bottom of the bracket by inserting the black bolt with the fender washer from the outside of the cage. Tighten the black bolt.

Your wheel is now ready to use.

How to re-align your wheel

To realign the wheel take the wheel out of the cage and place it on a counter or table top with the bracket side down. Kneel down on the floor so you are at eye level with the bracket on the counter top. Put your left hand on the top of the bracket and spin the wheel slowly with your right hand. As the wheel turns you may notice the drum getting higher and lower. At the center low point hold the bracket and slowly and gently push the low part of the drum up. Then rotate the wheel and keep pushing the low part up until the wheel spins true. Once the wheel spins true it should stay aligned with normal use.


Users should try to discourage the habit of their pet chewing on the wheel. Make sure you have an alternate chew toy in the cage for your chinchilla to nibble on. If your chinchilla continues to chew on the wheel, spray the wheel as it is turning with something non-toxic that tastes bad to the chinchilla. This may help break the habit of chewing on the wheel. Not many chinchillas will chew through the aluminum drum, but a few chinchillas may persist in chewing metal. Damage from chewing is not covered under the manufacture warranty.

Note: We highly recommend removing wheels just before females litter, and also from cages with young kits.

Silver Surfer Wheels have a one year manufacturer warranty. To view details of the warranty go to

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